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Jan 13, 2023 4:05:55 PM by Logan Donahue

Fight the Flu This Winter With Indoor Air Quality From Trane

Winter is here… and so are those nasty viruses and flus. Being considerate of your indoor air quality can prevent sickness from spreading between you and your family members this season. Indoor air quality (IAQ) focuses on the degree which the air inside your home can start to affect a your overall health, comfort, and well-being. 
Taking care of your indoor air quality can minimize sickness by keeping airborne viruses out of the air inside your home. Individuals who experience low indoor air quality can develop symptoms such as headaches, allergies, respiratory problems, and even the flu. Children, elderly people, and people with pre-existing health conditions are more vulnerable to these symptoms when exposed to air quality that is poor inside their homes. 
Indoor air quality statistics ECI wants you to know.
Being prepared to protect your health this winter means improving your overall indoor air quality. Trane’s easily installed IAQ products can help remove these viruses and flu from your home, decreasing your family’s chance of becoming ill and increasing your family’s health and fresh air. Indoor Air Quality from Trane

Trane CleanEffects Whole Home Air Cleaner 

Trane CleanEffects Whole Home Air Cleaner | Allergy Standards Ltd
Trane’s CleanEffects Whole Home Air Cleaner is proven to remove Influenza A and airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. That's the size of a mold spore, bacteria, and pollen…tiny! This product proves itself to be eight times more effective than HEPA filters and ten times more effective than traditional one-inch filters. 

How it works

Trane’s CleanEffects Whole Home Air Cleaners uses a pre-filter to trap larger particles. The smaller, finer particles that are harder to catch are caught by a field charger and collection cell technology that works like a magnet to remove harmful particles from the airstream. 
The Air Cleaner underwent several conscientious testing requirements to become asthma and allergy friendly. This product can be installed in attachment to many HVAC systems, making it functional in all seasons. With its easily replaceable filters and year-round operation, this product will be by your side for a long time. 

QuikBox Media Cabinet 

QuikBox Media Cabinet is a budget-friendly investment that helps maintain health and top-notch indoor air quality. 

How it works

A QuikBox™ Media Cabinet.
QuikBox Media Cabinet comes in nine sizes to match your existing Trane HVAC system perfectly to provide air purification immediately and effortlessly. This product also minimizes dust, dirt, pet hair, the flu virus and more. 
QuikBox Media Cabinet connects to your existing Trane system and has easily replaceable filters. 

Energy Recovery Ventilator 

Trane’s Energy Recovery Ventilator increases the amount of outdoor air coming into your home. Air pollutants are often two to five times higher inside than outside, according to the EPA. If you are looking for more fresh air in your home while increasing your indoor air quality, this product is for you.  
Energy Recovery Ventilator

How it works

This ventilator’s duty is removing stale musty air from your home and replacing it with fresh outdoor air, improving indoor air quality. During this process, odors, vapors, viruses, and other harmful particles are removed from your home. This product also works under heat and cooling conditions, meaning that it can bring in pre-cooled OR pre-heated air. 
This system comes in three different sizes, designed to fit almost all homes. It is best installed in an attic, basement, or garage. 

Trane Fan-Powered Humidifier 

Trane’s Fan-Powered Humidifier regulates the humidity in the home during the transition months of summer to winter. Installing a humidifier can relieve you and your family from allergies, static shock, dry skin, nosebleeds, and more. Dry air can also damage wood floors, molding, and furnishing. 
Power Humidifiers — Trane

How it works

This humidifier keeps the levels of humidity in the home between 40 percent and 50 percent during the months when it can drop between 20 percent to 30 percent. While the air is dry at this time, virus droplets can shrink, resulting in them being exposed to the air in your home for a long period of time. Humidifiers maintain ideal levels of humidity to decrease the chance of exposing your or your family to airborne viruses. 
Trane Fan-Powered Humidifier is a detailed selection for people looking for a seasonal product to assist them through the dry months. It is compatible with all furnace models and outputs 18 gallons per day.

Other Tips to Improve Your IAQ This Winter

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